A place for private communities to share and organise activities and events.

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Live, learn, play on Loopd - Your Private Social Network


Discover everything going on and join in with the things you like.


Organise your life in one place and get invited to new things going on.


Share images and documents with everyone and anyone and create your own private groups.

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Academic Potential

Loopd calendar inspires greater personal organisation and independent learning by improving the communication of activities and events. It also takes care of administrative tasks allowing more time to be productive.

Creativity & Achievement

Loopd provides a creative space to express friendships, activities and events and helps you to get involved with more social, academic and career related opportunities.


Intelligent Technology

Loopd is a private social network that considers the individual needs of students. It helps people interact with their friends, lecturers and campus and becomes more efficient at promoting and supporting relevant opportunities with time.

Sharing Knowledge

At Loopd we believe the future of education is about sharing knowledge and working together. That is why we have built a social network with an unprecedented sense of community engagement, support and emphasis on developing relationships.

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Live, learn, play on Loopd - Your Private Social Network

Are we looking at education technologies upside down?
Loopd.life provides a new perspective.

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M.Childs, Oxford Brookes University;
Loopd.life Social Learning Environment: Pilot studies of a novel social media platform for education. (2016)

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