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We believe that learning communities perform best with a socially empowering culture and so our focus is to increase collaboration and conversation.
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Loopd is a Private Community Social Network that engages students in more resources, activities and events. It lowers the barriers to participation by structuring information in a more social environment that nurtures relationships and supports collaboration. An investment in Loopd builds sustainable engagement and retention strategies that save money, boost reputation and provide a more valuable and focused academic experience.

We Build Connection First & Foremost

"Connection is the starting point of our journey on Loopd. Prof. Brené Brown says "Connection is what gives meaning and purpose to our lives." Most research on student retention shows that students dropout due to feeling isolated from the community and support available, this is frustrating for an institution since often huge investments are made in providing these opportunities.

The reasons for this paradox is that opportunity and support are poorly communicated to students, often through boring, inconvenient and cluttered channels such as website blogs and email. The barrier to entry for a isolated student is simply too high! At Loopd we solve this problem by engaging students in a conversational newsfeed, this gives students a voice and sense of community belonging.

Brené Brown is a research professor at the University of Houston where she holds the Huffington Foundation Endowed Chair at The Graduate College of Social Work and is the author of four New York Times bestsellers. Watch the full video here.

We Organise Academic & Non-Academic Commitments In One Place

Projects and assignments require high levels of organisation and when combined with extracurricular activities can become overwhelming. Roughly one quarter of students that become isolated refer to schedule disorganisation as the primary trigger. Loopd has a powerful calendar tool that enables staff and students to plan and manage tasks, projects, deadlines and events together in one place, taking into considering academic and non-academic commitments.

Jim Kwik is a world expert in speed-reading, memory improvement, and optimal brain performance coach. Watch the full video here.

We Engage Students Before & During Class

Nowadays we are bombarded with distractions and need to decide where to allocate our time. Face-to-face contact time for staff and students is precious and undoubtedly the best way to form deep and meaningful relationships that energise learning with emotion. Communication technologies like Loopd should not replace valuable face-to-face experiences. However it is important that before class begins, students build a relationship with WHO is teaching them, they understand WHY the topic is relevant and know WHAT target information to look out for in class.

This improves attendance, retention and lowers the participation barriers in class. Jim Kwik says "We learn best through pulling information in, not pushing it in." and this requires a more curiosity-based approach to learning. At Loopd we make this as simple as possible for teachers by allowing them to schedule the delivery of attractive-looking content at a relevant and convenient time for students, in order to build engagement before and during class.

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We Inspire A Balanced Lifestyle

Traditional education technologies focus all communication on work topics and isolate students who are motivated by other aspects of the student experience, such as extracurricular pursuits and social interests. Research shows that the most challenging academic subjects should be placed immediately after exercise when brain frequencies are most able to deal with complex problem solving. In a university context, students who take place in one extracurricular activity per week are 15% more likely to attend classes

Balance is absolutely critical for students to learn effectively and productively. Loopd specifically welcomes all aspects of a student experience to inspire proactive learning and widen participation opportunities. Loopd uses a phenomenon known as weak-tie cross-pollination, which exposes us to the widest range of opportunities in order to build social capital and provide us with stronger career foundations.

We Give Students the Space & Confidence To Collaborate

Teamwork and collaboration have become an increasingly valued part of the education system and are often required for assessed group projects. Over the past decade this has forced teaching practices to evolve, yet the implementation of collaborative technologies lags behind. All learning environments attempt to support discussion but social networks always come out on top. Loopd inspire discussion and through making it convenient for students reduce the effort required to join in. Students who tend to disengaged from learning feel drawn to Loopd through social connections that ultimately converge in educational discussion.

Prioritising the development of effective relationships is the starting point to learning. Relationships dictate how information is shared between people, which in turn influences how it is perceived in the mind and then processed by the brain and body. Learning how to build relationships helps to mature the prefrontal cortex of the brain, developing skills such as: adjusting behaviour, emotional reaction, personality, focus, attention, planning and prioritising stimuli. All skills that are fundamental to our education and in taking part in our education system.

We Embed & Nurture Reflective Practices

The practice of reflection is the most under-appreciated stage of learning and requires curiosity within a distraction free environment. In the modern world, quite unintentionally, we have sold ourselves to attention-seeking technologies; creating a distraction free environment is now a skill that we need to develop. On Loopd we encourage students to personalise their notification preferences, raising awareness of potential distractions and giving them the tools to control them.

Reflection is also about discussion with yourself and others. Our mobile apps support a friendly, convenient and empowering place to access resources and then discuss them with others. In order to help organise conversation in a way that is conducive to learning we thread topics based on materials and resources. Threaded discussions helping to cultivate more relevant conversation and support faster retrieval of information come revision time.

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  • See a personalised calendar of activities and events.
  • Search and message other students or course groups.
  • Build a portfolio of social and learning experiences.
  • Join the full list of student clubs and societies.
  • Enjoy everything in one place with the mobile app and receive notifications and reminders to help you.

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  • Add events, tasks and projects to student calendars.
  • Set deadlines that notify students by phone.
  • Build a portfolio of teaching resources.
  • Send large files and attachments via realtime messaging.
  • Schedule the delivery of content to help plan and save time.

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  • Reach the entire student population in one click.
  • Channel communication easily by course or year group.
  • Message individuals or groups in realtime.
  • Schedule the delivery of content to help plan and save time.
  • View the engagement stats for your community demographic and learn when is the most effective time to communicate.

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