How To?

You can sign up right here and enter your details. Once you've registered you will be invited to Join Existing Community or Create New Community. We also have iOS and Android mobile apps.
You can Contact Support from the drop down menu inside the platform or email us at [email protected]. If you're more of a chatterbox and want to offload your experience then we have an option for you too: 020 7193 7939.
On the web you can edit your password from the dropdown menu.
No stay away! Loopd is for building communities not destroying them ✌ 🕊 ☮.


Loopd is a private social network that helps to encourage sharing, organising and communicating with other people in your community. You can either Create New Community and invite people yourself, or Join Existing Community with an invitation code. All communities are private and invisible to the general public without an invitation code.
Empowering and organising large groups of people with daily events and activities can be impossible on traditional social media, especially when some communities have specific rules in place. So we decided to make a new platform to help communities. We hope you like it 😃. Oh and did we also mention that we don’t like advertising, it interrupts the creativity of the mind! Hummmm 💡 🙏
Yes it does, you can download them for iOS and Android.
Channels and Public Groups are awesome, but they are for the community administrators to control. You can either ask the administrator to create groups for you, or ask them to give you access to create them for yourself.


Your profile can be different for every community that you join 🤔 😊 😘 🙄. Only the people inside each specific community will see that version of your profile.
Posts are public to each community and will be uploaded to the main community feed. Anyone who is a part of the community can see your posts. If you want to notify someone when you post, make sure to tag them @{name}. If you prefer to send something to someone in private, drop them a message 💌.
No, your calendar is private to you and will only show events that you have been invited to, or public events where you have selected {Add to Calendar}. When you create events you can Edit Invites and add Additional Admins from the Event Details page.
Your community organiser has the option to set verification options in order to help them manage their community safely. Don’t worry, we will not pass your phone number and/or email to third parties 😇.