Welcome to the Homework Club

At the Homework Club we are conducting research to determine the benefits of using a social media training ground to support both child safety and academic attainment.

Nowadays any child can create a social media account and pretend to be over the age of 13. This has allowed a generation of unsupervised and underaged social media users and the consequences have been, and are still devastating. For every new child that gets a mobile phone, how can we help?

At Loopd.life we have build a safe social media ‘training ground’ for teachers to share and discuss resources and homework with their class. Loopd.life supports the education of digital literacy in a safe space that shows kids how to utilise social media for collaborative learning and safe practice.

In 2018 we launch the Loopd Homework Club with 50 Key Stage 2 and 3 English Language teachers from around the UK. Partnering with Cambridge Assessment, ELTJam and the Tablet Academy, and based on the National Curriculum, we have devised a number of collaborative activities that involve online and offline interactions and deliberately support both digital and social literacy alongside academic practice.

For existing members of the Loopd Homework Club, here are some quick-start resources you may be looking for:

If you would like to apply for the Loopd Homework Club in 2018 please complete the form below. We are especially interested in teachers who have the confidence to use digital-mobile practices and in schools that believe in supporting and training pupils to act more responsibly online. Teachers who are excited by this idea but do not teach keys stage 2 and 3 English language, please get in contact with us and we can discuss other ways to participate in the research programme.

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